Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Something About Nothing

Someone I know told me that my posts were similar to watching a Seinfeld Show – they are both about nothing. I beg to differ with that so-called friend of mine. Each and every post is carefully thought out and there is a definite method to my madness.

The way I write for my blog is to start with a theme, make a list, and then let my mind wander a bit. Today’s topic needs to have a tie in with my Asian Album so let’s get started -

Ideas for Thursday’s post

PF Chang’s
Fortune Cookies

(Guess I’m hungry so taking a break to get some lunch – vegetarian sushi.

Back to the post

Asian Paper Umbrellas – looks dark outside so it might rain. Glad I brought my umbrella. It’s purple and I got it in NYC when I saw the Fantasticks two years ago. The world’s longest running musical. Love the show, love the umbrella. And considering that I ALWAYS lose umbrellas it’s a miracle that I still own it! BTW still looking for the two rubber stamps I recently lost.

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Chinese noodles – anyone watch Worst Cooks in America? Last Sunday they had to make Chinese noodles and it was hysterical. Did I mention that I am trying to diet and that is why I have food on the mind?

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Is Vietnam considered Asian? My nails look awful and I need to have a manicure. Forget about rings. I am wearing TH black soot, Versafine black ink, Glossy accents and a bit of hot glue on my fingers. Can you tell that I am a scrapper?

 Back to post…………………………

OK Edwin, you win. My post is about nothing. But, I do have something to share. Last year I purchased this awesome Asian Dress Form Kit from Telina. Similar, but not identical to the Dress Form Calendar designed by the wonderfully talented Bona at livelovescrap on YouTube. I just finished it, albeit 2 months late, but am still thrilled with the results.

There are 6 dress forms in the kit and I added a tiny calendar on each. You can download the calendar FREE at Crafty Secrets.

The papers were so pretty that there was no need for lots of embellishments.

Look Ma, no hands! I painted the bottom of each dress form black and tied the ring with tulle and black seam binding.

Telina is a doll and is offering my followers a special deal. I don't know how to link to her blog but it's Tell her I sent you.

I have been quietly sending out little gift packages to some of my followers who have been actively leaving comments. Not a bribe, but if you'd like a RAK, leave a comment and perhaps YOU will be  next on my list. 


  1. don't you love helpful friends. I do hope you pointed out the wild success of Seinfeld!

  2. Those are REALLY nice!! I love how they have a stand. VERY cool project!! :)

  3. This is a great mini! I really like the color and pattern mix for each dress form. Thanks for the calendar tip- I'm working on a Project Life type album and tiny calendars are just what I need to fit into baseball size pockets.

  4. LOL. My mind wanders just like yours. My husband can't understand me. And yes, I watch Worst Cooks in America. I actually only saw the first episode. I missed the one on Sunday, but I LOVED the show.

    Great dress form mini!

  5. LOL I love your post but dont comment much. Every one of your post has made me smile or chuckle and I think that makes it a great Blog.
    Nice mini album and the care you show to your followers. God Bless

  6. I am wearing TH walnut stain,vintage photo and timber Brown Stazon - the hot glue peeled off - ouch!! Manicure required urgently or gloves... not sure which!
    Love the dress form calendar - your blogs are like chatting with a friend to me!
    xx Michelle

  7. That dress form calendar is adorable!

    Manicure? What's that? LOL!

  8. Ok, an Asian theme but at least you are not hungry ten minutes later. Seinfeld, perhaps but nothing is also something. Seinfeld was so popular I believe because much of life is about nothing, nothing at least that would make for great novels. It was about what most thought about were usually too polite to discuss or blurt out. Indeed many of us, especially those who live on an island find dress forms very stimulating. Oops, I guess living on an island is indeed like Seinfeld, fun, satisfying but in the end about nothing. Yes here something as esoteric as dress forms can be the topic of the day and make your day (where can I get some for gray, rainy days?).

    Ok, that all begs the case, is your blog about nothing or something? Well the court of popular opinion awaits your 73 followers verdict. I lean toward this quote.
    "One creates from nothing. If you try to create from something you're just changing something. So in order to create something you first have to be able to create nothing. "
    -- Werner Erhard

    with that wisdom I leave you with this -
    "To Do Is To Be" Socrates; "To Be Is To Do" Plato; "Do Be Do Be Do" Sinatra
    P.S. This is the Ed mentioned but don’t want to open an account.

  9. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. Every time I get notification that someone posted on my blog it's like getting a gold star and I so appreciate the support :-) This week my RAK would have to go out to Edwin. In keeping with the spirit of my post his comment was also about Nothing and that is Something I get! However, I really don't think he needs a scrappers RAK so PDRNC send me your address.

    1. What’s this? The island guy that is more in tune with power tools instead of scissors gets the short end? What if I developed a great fondness for a scrappers RAK, what if I had some dormant talent that will now go unrevealed? You should remember I work just as well right or left brain, unless were talking politics then I sit squarely in the middle. In any case I feel terribly discriminated against just because I have no idea what the heck you are all talking about.

  10. What an awesome dress form album.....

  11. I LOVE your dress form calendar! It's so cute and practical as well- double win!

  12. Hey we think alike!!! I too think in tangents. At least that is what my best friend says (it's her nice way of saying I ramble on about unrelated things). They are only unrelated to her, they make perfectly good sense to me!
    Love the dress form mini.

  13. Okay Edwin (Mr. Anonymous) I will gift you a better RAK than a few charms and such. How bout I send you my broken Vagabond? You are Mr. Fix It and if anyone can bring it back to life, you can.