Monday, February 13, 2012

Ouch! Stuck by a Pin

Last week I tried to explain to a co-worker why scrappers put pins on projects. I am certain she now thinks I am totally bonkers. She kept on thinking the pin was something I was going to wear, and when I told her I would probably put the pin on a LO her question was, “What is a layout?”

There should be a scrapbook cheat sheet, something like scrapbook 101 for folks who have never stepped foot into the wonderful wacky world (WWW) of scrapbooking. An easy way to answer the everyday questions like, why do we put Bingo cards on layouts? Why do we make cards with so many flowers that you can’t put them in an envelope and mail? Why do we make a card/LO, glue everything down and then take out a sewing machine and stitch the paper? Why do we take a perfectly good tag, dip it into coffee and then distress, stamp and tie a ribbon on it - preferably one that has been wrinkled?

I could go on and on but the real question I need answered today is, why do we decorate our beloved crafts with beaded pins? If you can answer that age old question that has baffled historians for centuries, I will send you a super duper present - a bunch of pins on a tag!  

This month I entered my first pin swap hosted by Victoria at Life on the Scrapbeach. Had to be LOVE/Valentine inspired and we could use Bo Bunny Enchanted papers, which I happened to have on hand. I am trying hard to enter the lace filled land of Shabby Chic but am having a difficult time. I love lace, have a garden full of roses and yet every time I try to get in, the door is locked shut. I am however pounding on the door really hard!

See what I mean about Shabby Chic? It looks more like Goth to me. Whatchathink? And yes, that is a Bingo card. And no, I haven't the foggiest why I added it.


  1. I know why I do it, because they are fun! Cursing at the flowers as I'm making them, cursing at the hot glue strings that fly everywhere as I'm making a stickpin, explaining that the stuff on my fingers isn't dirt, it's INK! Is there anything more comforting to the soul than playing with all of these toys and making something beautiful? I think not.

  2. two three...testing :-)

  3. See, you are asking the wrong crowd. Us scrappers and papercrafters KNOW why you NEED stick pins, we maybe just can't articulate it well. LOL. I need stick pins because they are pretty and add a dash of something extra to a project. They add another pretty, as well as a new texture and dimension. They're easy to use, too. Yeah, love me some stickpins. I just got some with little seashells on the ends. Cute!

  4. Its lovely....And about the stick pins added to our work....Well I see it this way. Its like an accessary, like when we dress up we then put on earrings and a necklace to complete the look. I am not good at doing stick pins so when I receive one from someone I tend to use them on my work.

  5. The last time someone asked me "why", concerning craft items this is how the conversation went:

    Setting: I had just gotten home from the gym - but I did make a couple of stops along the way - just to pick up a couple of things I saw that I knew I would be able to use for something or another -

    HUBBY: You've been to that craft store again?
    ME: What craft store?
    HUBBY: That one over near the Walmart...
    ME: No.
    HUBBY: Well, isnt that a JoAnn's bag you just slid under the bed? Trying to hide it - you arent slick! I probably need to go check the front closet too. Hiding bags in there again too?
    ME: No, and Yes it is a JoAnn's bag..... but JoAnn's is not near Walmart, Michael's is.
    HUBBY: Well, whoever he or she is! The one where the !%#@* receipts are always a mile long! Why do you go in there and buy so much stuff anyway? All of that paper, and glue and glitter and whatever else you have in that craft room. Why do you keep going there and you havent used up the tons of stuff you already have?
    ME: I do use my stuff! You liked the card I made for your aunt! And what about the mini album and box I made for your mother! She loved it and you said you liked it too. What about all that crap in the basement that you are collecting?
    HUBBY: Crap? What crap? Those are tools that I use for work! You cant compare my things, that are used to make money, with all that $#!+ you are hording in that %^@#?& room! If it werent for all the 'crap' I got, you wouldnt have any of the "$#!+" you got!
    ME:..... (blank stare and silence).... Sweetheart, do you want chicken or steak for dinner?


  6. I work in retail & am constantly showing up to work with "dirty" finger nails. I tell my co-workers that the more stained my nails are the better my day!

    I use stick pins because it is just a way to 'stick' something a little extra special into my projects ;)

  7. because ... I need them!!
    Love the convo from Keysha. I haven't had that one from my hubby but I know it is happening in his head ... I can see it in his eyes! Why...why...why...and i know the answer, when he asks why I buy these goodies it will be because I need them, I really need them!!!
    Thanks Ellen for another fabulous post!
    xx Michelle