Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I’ll take my tea with one teaspoon of dirt please

Years ago I helped out an acquaintance and to show her appreciation, she invited me over to her house for tea and scones. I was delighted as we once had a lengthy conversation about her love of baking. When I arrived, linen napkins, a silver basket filled with steaming scones and fresh flowers awaited me. I was dully impressed.

As I followed her into the kitchen, she stepped on a stool and took down from the top kitchen cabinet a beautiful pewter tea pot. She told me that she had received it as a wedding present over 22 years ago and had NEVER used it. I felt honored.

She then proceeded to pour boiling water from the kettle into the pewter pot. I was expecting her to wash it out – after all she had just told me that it had been sitting in her cabinet for 22 years. But she didn’t dump the water! Instead, she carefully added tea to the now dirty water.

OMG!! Do I say anything? Do I have to drink the tea? I was gagging just thinking about all the dust and grime that had accumulated in 22 years. Would it kill me? What’s the number of poison control?

I am a pacifist, but as I politely sipped my tea I prayed that the boiling water had killed anything living that had been swimming around in that tea pot.

Her scones were delicious and I ate two thinking this might be my last meal.

In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t get sick, but I never went to her house again for tea.

This little tea cup mini album is not very serious or elegant, but rather more like a child’s tea party. And it is very sweet indeed!
Buttons, MS butterflies and flowers adorn this darling cup of tea. 

Lots of stamping too!
There are 5 tea bag tags in this mini.
Plenty of room for journaling on the other side.

Paper from the Stella Rose Collection of MME 
Cover SWEET sticker from MME Breeze Collection
Assorted chipboard stickers from Lost & Found 2
Stamps from MME Blush Collection
(All the above from

Chipboard album from Michael's $1.50 bin


  1. Beautiful album. Love the story. I'm with you...I would not have said anything except a little prayer in my head:)

  2. YOU MAKE ME SMILE!!! :) I absolutely LOVE reading your posts! I wouldn't have had the heart to say anything either, I'm glad nothing bad happened! LOL Love the gorgeous album too, just beautiful work! :)

  3. Adorable album I love the tag with the knife fork and spoon, so cute.

    Funny story. Do you still like tea after that? LOL.

  4. Those are so pretty.....great story

  5. Come to my house for afternoon tea - I will definetly clean the tea pot...I will have to buy one ... but I will make sure it is clean!! gorgeous album! xx Michelle

  6. Maybe she washed it out a few days before you came for tea.
    I would have had to keep thinking that in my head while I was drinking my tea. It is so sweet that she invited you for tea and took the time to make scones. I am sure that she was thrilled that you were there. God watches over us and I am sure he was watching over you that day.
    Really sweet album.
    Love it.

  7. OK, this frightens me. I'm definitely hoping she'd washed it out ahead of time. I love your album!