Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fall, leaves, fall

I am fascinated with the strange and often unhappy life of Emily Jane Brontë. Emily died a spinster when she was just thirty. She left behind a book of poetry and one novel, a literary classic that immortalizes the life of two tortured souls – Heathcliff and Catherine.  The grand passion of Wuthering Heights shares the story of the lovers – forever sundered and struggling to unite. It also immortalizes Emily Brontë, as having written one of the greatest love stories of all time.

I was a teen when I first read Wuthering Heights and a dream of mine was to someday visit the wild and desolate moors of England. Getting there from London was a nightmare, as there was a fire on the train track and Cassandra and I sat in a closed train for hours, without air conditioning. But, it was all worth it because the village of Haworth did not disappoint. The steep cobblestone street and quaint shops led to a gray, sad-looking parsonage that was the home of Emily until she died in 1848.  

I walked the moors and amid the wild beauty of the landscape, searched for the ghosts of Heathcliff and Catherine.  Whether I saw them or not doesn’t matter, for what I will always remember is that I made the journey and walked in the footsteps of my friend Emily.

As a token of my friendship, I made this Secret Envelope Box.  I like to think that Emily  would have filled it with treasures – perhaps assorted fall leaves and a scrap of paper with a few lines of poetry.

Tied with a scrap of lace, this vintage stack of envelopes looks ordinary.

Untie the lace, lift the top and you'll find a secret compartment.

I found the tutorial to create the Secret Envelope Box on YouTube and it was great fun to make. However, there is a real secret that the videos have left out. Send me an email and I'll be happy to share.

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  1. This box is just too cool! I'm going to head over to Youtube and look it up, but I'd like to get the secret from you, too, so expect an email from me. I found your blog through the new blog shout-outs on Splitcoast when I posted mine. You are a very entertaining writer. Thanks for sharing your stories with us!