Monday, January 30, 2012


November 2010

Dear Diary,

I’m all packed and ready to drive to Ontario to attend my first Scrapbook Expo. I 'm so excited that I can’t sleep. I’ve been watching YouTube Scrapbook Expo Haul Videos for weeks and have an extensive list of "must haves." Top on the list are my two favorite guys, Brad and Tim H. Going to wear my orange shoes – love them plus they are so comfortable. Have both cash and credit card and I’m staying overnight at the nearby hotel so I can take a class. At the end of the weekend I am going to have enough paper, embellishments and bling that I won’t have to buy another thing for years months! Plus, one finished project - a darling mini album.

November 2011

Dear Diary,

Well, it’s that time again – the annual Ontario Scrapbook Expo. And no, not going this year. Gotta admit that although it was fun, I wasted a lot of money. Bottom line is that I bought too many things that I have never used...and of course, that damn mini album that is still unfinished. Will it ever get done? Probably not, should just toss it out.

January 2012

Dear Diary,

Don’t ask me why, but I desperately want to go to the Anaheim Scrapbook Expo. Looking back I have to admit that I made a few lots of mistakes at the first Expo. First of all I have broken up with Brad. Who knew that I would tire of him so quickly? It’s just that he wasn’t my type so he, his brothers, cousins and grandparents have permanently moved into the garage. Buh bye!

Now, let’s talk the dollar shop. Why was I so certain that the world would end if I didn’t buy 25 assorted flourishes? I even had a little push and pull with another lady as we both grabbed for the last green pearl flourish at the same time. I won!!! But they are still sitting in my flourish box. Do I use flourishes? Rarely, but come on folks, they were only a dollar.

Lace and ribbon – why oh why didn’t I buy any? This time, when if I go, that will be my first stop.

Last mistake is that damned mini album that haunts my dreams! It was not in the description (not even the small print) that it would be impossible to finish the album in one hour…promise…Scouts honor. I don’t hate the colors or papers but I don’t love them either, and if I don’t love what I’m doing, I know it’s going to turn out badly. So if I, by mistake of course, toss the album (see random things #16 ) would anyone notice?

Last week I made a vow that I cannot attend the Anaheim show unless I finish my  Loolah  mini album.

GUESS WHO'S GOING TO THE ANAHEIM SCRAPBOOK EXPO???????? Moi! And yes my friends, that is a flourish on the cover!!!

BTW am now on page 267 of the first book in my Unread Book Collection Project. Only 72 pages to go...


  1. You amuse me so much, love reading your posts! :) I have gone to CKC in Tulsa the last three years. The first year I had no idea what to expect, and did the same thing, buying things because I liked the demo or they were cheap. I never really used those things. The next year I was too frugal, and left without getting a few things I really did want. Last year, I *made* myself buy the things that were on my wish list, even though it was turning out to be a lot of money. I was so glad I did, I got almost all of the Technique Tuesday stamps I wanted, some new Echo Park papers, and I have used and loved all those things since. Do what your heart tells you to. And have a GREAT time at the Expo!!! :D

  2. Hope you have a fabulous time at the Scrapbook Expo - I might start saving and join you next year!! - or maybe I could just win Lotto (NZ Lottery - very elusive)Can't wait to hear all about it!
    Have fun
    xx Michelle

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I've enjoyed your blog so much, that I'm passing on a blog award to you! The post will be up on my blog tomorrow morning, so stop by and grab your badge! :)

  4. Such a great post and soooo true!!!

  5. hahah, I have to confess that my Loolah mini from the 2011 scrap convention in Portland is sitting all lonely and forlorn in my unfinished basket.. and here I sit planning on going to the 2012 convention in less than a month! I will not look back, I will head straight into the convention center, tote bag in hand, and look for the pearl flourishes (even the green ones)! Hope that helps. My mom leaves very near Ontario and I almost flew down there to go to the show with her last year! Live without regrets, create with passion!