Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Unread Book Collection

There are all kinds of 365 day challenges on the internet. From celebrating 365 of strange holidays (including such notables as Name Your Car Day to National Beheading Day - don't ask!) to showcasing a year’s worth of hamburger art – whatever challenge you can imagine has/had a blog. Some of my personal favorites include: 365 days of living off Groupon, wearing the same little black dress for 365 days, and doing a good deed every single day for a year. None of which I could attempt…or finish.

One blog that did strike a chord with me is a reading challenge. The premise is for the blogger to spend the next 365 days reading every unread book that she owns. Apparently, she owns zillions, and has plenty of time because...she is not a scrapper.

I must be a bit ADHD because doing something other than breathing for 365 days in a row seems too daunting a task for me. But, her challenge did resonate with me.

I have 6 books that I either started or want to start, precariously sitting on my bedside table. Unloved, unwanted and unread they patiently wait…and wait…for me. Granted, it’s not that many, but as I have gained weight so has the pile of books – correlation perhaps? So, perhaps if I cull the books I will miraculously lose the weight? Worth a try don’t you think?

First step is to vow not to buy a new book until I finish. Easy, after spending all my wad on scrapping stuff there is very little cash left at the end of the week. Next, I need to give myself a deadline – one book every two months. Sounds doable. Lastly, I need to give it a title because it makes it seem so much more official – The Unread Book Collection. Like it.

There will be no book reports but I will update my progress from time to time.

The big dilemma I face is that a few of the books are half read and I can’t remember the first half. Do I go back and reread from the beginning? Or is this like a movie where you can play catch up?

I have started with Secret Daughter - a #1 International Bestseller - at least that is what it says on the cover. I purchased it on 6/26/11 and am currently on page 179. 146 pages to go -

BTW the first Saturday in May is National Scrapbook Day and September 6th is Read a Book Day. Better put those dates on your calendar :-)  How many unread books do you have stashed away for a rainy day?


  1. Ha ha ha love this post. I also have a few books that I have not read. And maybe one day I will get to them. Scrapbooking and my computer takes most of my free time and my not so free time too. hehehe really enjoyed this post....Look forward to Monday :)

  2. I've read a Jodi Picoult book before and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Secret daughter...not yet. thanks for sharing your reads. I enjoy reading so much; all ways have.