Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Renaissance Lady or a Martha Stewart Wannabe?

I’d like to think that I am good, not great, at many things. Among the skills that I am proud of is my ability to cook a memorable meal, create a pretty card, and plan a dynamite party. On the other hand, there are a myriad of things I don't do well, like, tell a joke, stay on a diet and take a good photo. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that all the photos in this blog are taken by my dear husband Tony. It was a learning experience, for both of us, but we have a truce going as long as I keep my promise to never nag talk to him while he's taking photos for my blog. 

I have however taken one fabulous photo. I love it so much that I had it framed and it is hanging in Tony’s Baseball /Ellen’s Closet room. Yes, the room is his, but I hijacked the large closet and have it filled from top to bottom with my goodies.
Background on the photo - Tony came home from work one day and told me about a conversation he had with one of his co-workers. His friend told him that he wasn’t a real baseball fan if he had never been to Fenway Park. The rest is shall we say, baseball history. We had been talking about going to Italy for our vacation, but guess where we went? Yep, you got it! That summer we traveled to the shores of Massachusetts instead of the shores of Amalfi and Tony officially became a real baseball fan. This photo is proof!

Last night I told Tony that I was going to publish a post about Fenway Park. He put down the remote and fired machine gun questions at me, "Are you going to write that it rained and the game was delayed for two hours? That you hated the food? That Oakland lost?"

Pregnant pause here. Finally, I replied, "Not exactly, this is more about you." He picked up the remote and I knew what I had to do. So, here goes - It rained and the game was delayed for two hours, I hated the food and Tony's beloved team, the Oakland A's lost.

Ever been to a baseball game...or to Italy?


  1. Hehehe....Great photo and story.....

  2. Actually he looks like Clint Eastwood.....

  3. Clint, I mean Tony is laughing so hard you can probably hear him! He thanks you for the compliment. He's a good guy!

  4. I have to agree with the above posters...he does look like Clint Eastwood! Your writing is fantastic, very enjoyable. I almost cried when you had to trade in Italy for Fenway...
    A {Little} Dab of Glue

  5. Love the photo! great story, nope never been to a baseball game or Italy but my brother traveled to the USA last year and visited Yankee stadium, says it was awesome! ah one day...

  6. FUNNY JOURNAL,i love it!! no never been to italy want too,been to the ballpark alots of time,big ranger fan